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At PLC+, our mission is simple, ‘WE STRIVE TO BE THE BEST LANDSCAPING CONTRACTORS IN SASKATOON AND SURROUNDING AREAS’. We are committed in serving our clients with high-quality, detail-orientated landscaping services by proving our team members with regular training, certifications and professional association memberships. We focus strictly on our core services, by constantly improving and sharpening our skills, with top quality workmanship, modern equipment and techniques.

As a leading company in landscaping, Saskatoon is sure to remain elegant and organized. We take pride in our team of experienced and skillful Saskatoon landscapers who are always ready to provide our clients with premium results on every project. Our passion for the industry is shown by the quality of our work and we value our customer’s satisfaction more than anything! At PLC+ Saskatoon landscaping company , our offers are the best when Saskatoon landscaping services is considered. Our ever reliable team is always available to get to you after you BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION WITH US!

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Paving Stone Restoration

Rejuvenate your outdoor spaces with durable, and sturdy stones and pavers today! Remodel existing ones and bring that space back to life.
With the suitable materials and the best landscaping contractor Saskatoon has, you're good to go!
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Hardscape Construction

Implement the right hardscape into that perspective! Take a look of some of our hardscaping services including paving stones, retaining walls, and fireplaces.
When considering landscaping services, Saskatoon, SK, is the game, and we are the best at it! We have the best team of Saskatoon driveway contractors willing to handle your project Today!
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Softscape Construction

Lay your SOD, grade your yard, or install irrigation systems. We can handle all of that timely and efficiently! We can do it all!
Get in touch with us to take over the yard work. Saskatoon is known to have beautiful yards and we are known to construct the best ones!
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Lumber Construction

We can help you design and create a perfect deck, fence, or pergola that suits your taste. It's a good idea to create an outdoor entertainment area for relaxation in your homes.
We make use of the best lumber building materials and supplies available to improve your home and add value to your property. We can handle both commercial and residential lumber construction projects.
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