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Do you wish to host a small event at home? Or would you love to have a freestanding space where you can relax while soaking in the summer sun? Then you need a fantastic deck! That’s not a big deal with us! At PLC+, we pride ourselves on providing the best decks you could get. And guess what? -It’s affordable and hassle-free. We can handle it! We are a team of experienced Saskatoon deck builders ever available to design and build a perfect deck for you. Is it a wood or composite deck? We are skilled and capable of carrying out the installation anytime.

Deck Construction 

Decks are of various sizes and designs. With the right style, materials, and creativity, whatever you envision is possible, and it is even more realistic with us in the picture. It can be very overwhelming to handle selecting materials and colors yourself; hence you need a skilled contractor to handle the job. You can get a premium result when you hire us for it! With our years of experience, we have come across various deck designs, and we are skilled in constructing the following types to suit your property:

  • Wood decks
  • Composite and vinyl decks
  • Deck railing


Wood Decks

Wood decks are the easiest and least expensive type of deck to construct. They are an easy way to add value to your property if you intend to sell it in the future. Even if you don’t intend to sell, they are still a good space for outdoor entertainment right in your home. We provide the best designs and install stable structures with quality hardwood. As the best deck contractors Saskatoon can provide, we understand the intricacies of building wood decks, including using pressure-treated wood to guarantee protection from pest attacks. We use the finest materials available to assure you nothing short of perfection.

Composite and Vinyl Decks

Want a better quality deck and considering a composite or vinyl deck?  At PLC+, we pride ourselves on working with the best composite materials and PVC in constructing a solid structure to satisfy our customers. Vinyl decks are getting more popular as they are easier to maintain and they are very durable. They are also resistant to pests. If you intend to use your deck as a venue for hosting dinners and relaxing, composite decks are ideal. We recommend them for residential or commercial outdoor spaces.

Deck railings

What’s a deck without suitable safety railings? Depending on the level of the deck, safety railings are very important. Although designed for safety purposes, railings are also essential for function and will complete the deck to guarantee a cohesive and perfect appearance. PLC+ will assist you in choosing the suitable material for this deck that won’t only look sophisticated but won’t cost you a fortune.

With all said, we love to wrap our job with the term-‘building in code,’ which ensures that whatever we install is in line with the regulations and laws of decks Saskatoon, SK. Don’t just take our word for it! Contact our experts at PLC+ today!

We are waiting for you!