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Five Types of Decks and Their Maintenance Requirements

The outdoor living space has been gaining popularity over the years. This trend is largely due to the changing lifestyle where people spend more time outside enjoying nature and spending quality time with friends and family. As such, decks have become an essential part of the modern home. A deck is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors without having to go inside. These decks have two main purposes: one is that of seating, one is to provide a cool, comfortable environment for people to sit and relax. The latter purpose, of course, is a great example of the benefits of having a deck. Decks have been found to provide a number of benefits, such as being very durable, providing a cool and dry environment, and providing a place where friends and family can gather and enjoy time together. This blog post will highlight to you five types of decks and their maintenance requirements.

1. Wood

 Decks that are constructed out of wood require more maintenance other than cleaning at least three or more times per month. This is due to the fact that wood does  rot. However, regular application of stain or sealer can help keep the deck looking fresh. Also, because wood decks are relatively lightweight, maintenance on the deck can be completed quickly. However, if a deck has a lot of wood in it, then care and attention should be taken to ensure that the wood does not rot or fall apart. The main reason for this is that many wood decks are built for outdoor use, and the main goal is to enjoy the outdoors. If you need a proper maintenance service for your wooden decks then professionals of a reputed Deck Saskatoon contractor company can come to your help.

2. Composite Decking

 Composite decking consists of three major materials, including fiberglass, plastic, and timber. In general, composite decking tends to be much lighter than solid wood, but it has the highest density. Most composites are treated before they’re installed, making them less prone to rotting and warping. They’re usually easier to repair than solid wood and require little maintenance. Some composite decking may not need to be stained or painted, but if they do, only milder finishes should be used.

3. Concrete

Concrete decks are the most durable choice. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy use without showing signs of wear. In addition, concrete decks are easy to clean and maintain. They should be sealed annually to protect against moisture penetration. However, these decks are not as easy to clean as other types of decks. They should also be cleaned frequently to prevent the deterioration of the deck from the weather and other materials. With proper and thorough cleaning , these decks can last many years. A reliable Deck Saskatoon contractor can provide an all round cleaning service for any kind of decks that your property has.

4. Vinyl

 Vinyl decks have become popular in recent years. These decks are inexpensive and come in many colors and styles. Because of this, vinyl decks are commonly used in older homes or in areas where aesthetics are an issue. Because vinyl is durable and easy to work with, it’s a good choice if you can afford it. The only drawback to vinyl is that its colors sometimes fade, and it can sometimes require a few coats to get the same look as when first installed.

5. Metal

 Metal decks are more costly than those made of wood or composite materials. However, they offer the best value for money. Metal decks are extremely sturdy and will stand up to nearly anything. This is true even if they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. While some metal decks can wear out over time, it is important to maintain their appearance to ensure that they will last years of service. To avoid the need for extensive cleaning you should make sure that metal decks are covered with a waterproof coating to prevent any rusting or corrosion of the metal over time due to the moisture.


These are the 5 most common type of outdoor decks that can add an excellent look to your backyard and front yard of your property. However they do require proper maintenance from time to time to be in their best shape. With a professional landscaping contractor, you can not only create amazing landscaping projects that complements your home but also an optimum quality maintenance.

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