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How Retaining Walls Complement Your Property

Retaining walls can be much more than a simple landscaping feature. Well-designed and built with expertise, they can maintain their functionality while simultaneously elevating the exterior of your house and completely reshaping your entire outdoor space. With a variety of materials and styles to choose from, you can create a hardscaping design tailored to your expectations. But how exactly can a retaining wall complement your property?

Give your home a curb appeal makeover

Many homeowners focus solely on interior design planning without fully appreciating the landscaping potential of their yard. But in reality, whether your home looks inviting and attractive is influenced, in big part, by its curb appeal. Create an eye-catching raised flower bed or spruce up your driveway with a brick or stone retaining wall to give your property the stunning appearance it deserves!

Protect your home and garden from damages

Soil erosion is a natural phenomenon caused by weather conditions such as rain and wind, especially on sloping terrain. But when it occurs in close proximity to your property, it can result in serious damage to your landscaping and building. Placing a retaining wall next to your house can stop the progression of erosion by preventing soil movements. Similarly, such walls can provide an effective barrier against flooding as well.

Stone fireplace with a bench

Enhance your outdoor seating area

If your idea of a perfect day consists of spending time outdoors, building a seating area in your yard is the right project for you. Whether you’re a fan of sunbathing, having friends over or spending cozy afternoons in the fresh air with a nice book and a cup of coffee, you can personalize your space to your needs. With retaining walls, you can enclose your patio to make it more comfortable and private or even design them to serve as additional seats.

Divide your garden into functional zones

Dividing your house into different rooms and areas depending on their use seems like the most obvious thing in the world, yet the option of approaching backyard design in the same manner often comes as a surprise. By planning separate zones, you can create a safe playground for your kids, a practical outdoor kitchen or a seating area for you and your guests, and keep your lawn and flower beds perfectly safe from being accidentally stepped on. This way, it’s possible to create a wellorganized and functional space for you and your entire family. And with retaining walls, it’s easy as well!

If you’re planning on adding retaining walls around your house, you should avoid taking the easy road of choosing cheap and low-quality solutions. Whether you want to keep erosion at bay, give your property a stylish look or level your yard, it’s much better to work with specialists capable of providing customized and comprehensive landscaping services, such as PLCPlus. With years of experience building retaining walls in Saskatoon, we can help you turn your vision into reality.

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