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Lawn Care Service Tips: How to Maintain Your Outdoor Space

One of the biggest challenges homeowners are facing today is maintaining their yards. In order to ensure that they stay beautiful and attractive, many people choose to hire professionals. There are several benefits to hiring such experts, including saving time, energy, and money. However, just hiring one for your lawn maintenance won’t cover everything. If you want to make sure that your yard looks its best throughout the year, then you’ll need to keep an eye out for these helpful hints. You can start by taking advantage of these lawn care services tips.

Schedule weekly Maintenance

The first step you can take to keep your lawn looking its best is to schedule some weekly maintenance. Whether you need to replace some of the grass clippings or do a maintenance job on your irrigation system, you’ll be able to do these tasks every week. Weekly maintenance is also beneficial if you are planning to install some lawn decorations in your yard.

Use sod strips for beautification

Another way to maintain your lawn is by using sod to beautify your yard. Many homeowners use sod to attract birds to their lawn, which makes their lawn look even more lush and beautiful. If you want to keep your lawn looking its best during the summer, you can also use sod strips for this purpose. Plcplus is a Sod Saskatoon landscaping company that provides better quality sod for spacious lawns. You can check their website for more info.

Test pH Levels

A good lawn care practice is to test the pH levels of the soil in your yard to make sure that it’s in the suitable range. Generally, it should be between 6 to 7 pH, which is in the range that plants need to grow in. If the pH of the soil gets too high then it will accumulate certain chemicals like iron and bicarbonate at very toxic levels that could affect plant root growth.

Don’t Overwater

You should also be careful not to water your lawn too much because it can strip away the outermost nutritious layer of your soil and cause it to become more mineral-depleted. According to Plcplus sod saskatoon professionals, it can be detrimental to the sod strips that you have installed on your lawn if you overwater it.

Consider mowing once a while

If you have a large yard you should probably mow it once or twice every few months to prevent weeds from growing and to give the soil time to absorb water and nutrients. After mowing it is best to wait for a couple of months to allow the lawn’s natural cycle of growth and replenishment to occur.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that caring for your lawn is one aspect of keeping your outdoor space looking great, but it’s also essential that you take into account other factors, like soil conditions, weed overgrowth, and watering responsibly.

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