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Paving Stones Restoration in Saskatoon

Our specialization

We specialize in repairing and restoring paver patios and walkways to completely rehabilitate them to their original condition. Whether your pavers are overgrown with weeds, have moved out of place, or have lost their vibrant colour, we can easily and quickly help you restore them. Having it restored not only improves your home’s curb appeal but also makes your home stand out from your neighbors. Check out the repairs and restorations we’ve done for patios and walkways; you can see how we’ve brought them back to life.

Paving stones repair

Repair paving stones in Saskatoon. We are hardscape restoration specialists in Saskatoon. We repair uneven or sunken pavers, failing edge restraints, steps, free-standing garden walls, pillars and retaining walls. Our specialists have an extensive Saskatoon Landscaping construction background and can rebuild these elements to make them safe and look like new again.
Photo of a man setting the paving stone
Cleaning paving stone in Saskatoon - before and after

Paving stones cleaning

Clean paving stones in Saskatoon. Concrete paving stone, brick paving stone, poured concrete, and natural paving stone all need to be cleaned thoroughly before a sealer can be applied. We use specialized cleaning equipment in conjunction with our specially formulated cleaners to penetrate deep inside the surface pores releasing ground-in dirt and contaminants. The process works without damaging or discolouring the pavers. It also brightens colours and enables the sealer to better penetrate the paver. Remove dirt, grime, grease, rust, paint, leaf stains & more.

Sand replacing

Replace Sand –  The joint sand between the pavers plays a critical role in the structural integrity of the paving system. It creates an interlock between the pavers preventing them from shifting. When cured properly, it hardens and eliminates loose sand on the pavers. Our technicians will thoroughly clear all the existing joint material then install new polymeric sand to your walk, patio, or driveway.

  • Stabilize
  • Prevent Erosion
  • Deters Weeds
  • Ants & Other Insects    
Photo of a man cleaning the pavement

Sealing and restoring

SealProtect your investment after restoration. Sealing is the final step. Our high-performance sealers create a long-lasting finish that will enhance the beauty of your pavers. In addition, the anti-fungal stabilizers in our sealers will lock up the joint sand and deter moss. Above all, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Your pavers will be protected from fading, discolouration, stains and surface deterioration. Choose a natural, enhanced or wet-look finish.

Benefits of Restoring and Sealing Pavers:

  • Inhibits weeds and grass in joints
  • Reduces moss growth
  • Deters ants and other insects
  • Prevents loss of sand in joints
  • Helps repel oil, grease, grime and stains
  • Easier routine cleaning
  • Enhances colour, texture and brightness
  • Resists the effects of harsh weather conditions
  • Provides protection from salt damage
  • Reduces surface deterioration and wear
  • Presents pavers from shifting
  • Assures long lasting beauty and value

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