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What is a building without the appropriate fence? – INCOMPLETE! A good fence offers you both safety and privacy, which completes the reason why a building is erected in the first place. And it doesn’t matter what type of fence you need; having a professional contractor handle the job will do you much good. For this, PLC+ has got you covered. Our professional team of fence builders Saskatoon, SK, will offer the highest standard job without denting a hole in your pocket. State your budget, and let’s work with it to provide premium and durable fences! At PLC+, we build all types of fences with high-quality materials, which are the best you can find, and our trained and friendly team will ensure that your fence will look great and will also have an incredible impact on your property’s value.

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Is your property yet to get a befitting and sophisticated fence? Do you intend to replace your old fence with a new one? Well, at PLC+, we are always available to help you with that need. We provide the best fences Saskatoon builders will ever offer.

The two most common types of fences are the Wood and Vinyl fences. They are durable and perform the needed functions in appearance and safety However, installing high-quality fences is very important and contracting a skilled professional is essential. Hands down, our services are exceptional. And as the best fence contractors Saskatoon has to offer, we take our services very seriously. Contact us to get a FREE ESTIMATE on any of the fence types you need!

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Wooden VS Vinyl fences

It’s quite iconic to find out that most fences are made of wood. They could come in different colors and designs. As for the classic look, wood fences are usually preferred. However, it is essential to know that there is a thick line between the wood and vinyl fences. And YES! It is a stiff competition.

Vinyl fences are very durable and improved composition of this PVC has produced something even thicker and tougher. Although it may not look natural-looking at first hand, additional spraying and coloring of it using brown wood tones make it look more real. Hence, you need to understand that in the long run, you will find them more efficient. Let us discuss their differences using a point-by-point comparison.

In appearance, you can say that it is dependent on the viewer. Some people may prefer the flexibility of wood to blending into the natural environment. PVC may appear too shiny at first but will lose this appearance over time. However, regardless of the natural appearance, Vinyl/PVC will not change its color (weather) or grow moss unlike wood that will weather and require subsequent re-staining to maintain its appearance. So, following a long period, PVC will be more durable.

For Cost, Vinyl fences were considered more expensive than wood panels. However, now that they have become more widely available, there isn’t much of an obvious difference anymore. On the up front payment, you might need to spend more on them, but in the long run, they are more cost-effective and durable when compared to wood.

In maintenance, PVC fences obviously wins the game. They don’t decay, rot, or grow moss. Therefore, they can be considered as maintenance-free but they will get dirty and require cleaning. Meanwhile, wood fences will need to be re-stained and resealed eventually as they will weather over time.

Nonetheless, your choice of fences will depend on your budget and preferences. But, Vinyl fences will be a good choice if you desire a long-lasting fence.

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Have you made your choice and need a good fence builder? Do you want to know what a good fence builder Saskatoon, SK, has? You will indeed find one on our team! So, quit the delay and CONTACT US NOW to handle your fencing needs at affordable rates. Our ever-reliable and loyal customer care will take good care of you and your requests!

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