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Saskatoon Sod

Why is Placing Sod in Your Garden full of Advantages?

Sod is utilized in residential and commercial settings to rapidly change the landscaping’s appearance and feel while raising the property’s value. Saskatoon sod, or turf grass, is already-grown grass linked together by a root system or a thin layer of another biodegradable material. 

For preventing soil erosion, sod is the best option. Saskatoon Sod can help control the speed and direction of storm runoff, improve drainage in areas where grass seed would typically be washed away, and provide immediate cover and stabilization.

In contrast to seed, which has a restricted window when temperatures are not too hot or too cold, sod can be planted at any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen.

You can start to walk, run, or play on your newly placed lawn once the sod has been laid and watered for two to three weeks.

When properly installed and maintained, most Saskatoon sod kinds are highly hardy and, compared to seed, take root quickly. Even though sod needs to be watered every day, there is less of a chance that it may fail due to negligence, seed loss to birds, or loss from wind or erosion.

Installing sod grass can provide immediate satisfaction because it elegantly satisfies these needs and produces a lush, attractive lawn. But why spend money on laying sod when you can grow grass from seeds? There are various benefits to putting sod as opposed to seed grass. When we seed our lawn, we must put much effort and preparation into it. This includes preparing the soil, spreading the seeds, fertilizing, adding mulch or straw, and watering frequently. Hence, putting sod is the best and most efficient alternative if you want to transform your lawn’s appearance rapidly.

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