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Invest in the health and growth of your plants by following proper planting techniques with the expert guidance of PLC Plus, Saskatoon’s Trees and Plants Landscaping Services, and selecting the right plants for your garden. Let our skilled team lay the groundwork for your flourishing landscape. Get started today!

Saskatoon Trees and Plants Landscaping Services

Proper planting is essential to plants’ survival and long-term success, especially in Saskatoon, where the climate and soil pose unique challenges. The right plants and proper planting techniques are critical for a thriving garden. Our team of experts can provide the services you need to ensure your plants have the best possible start in life. At PLC Plus, we can handle everything from selecting the ideal plants for Saskatoon to preparing the site, digging the planting hole, and implementing proper planting techniques. We specialize in preparing the soil with organic matter, adjusting soil moisture levels, and mulching around the plant base to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. 

Preparing the Site for Planting

Preparing the site before planting is crucial for providing optimal growing conditions for your plants. Our Saskatoon Trees and Plants Landscaping experts assist in clearing debris, rocks, and weeds from the planting area, preventing weed growth, and offering a clean slate for planting. We determine the perfect planting location, considering sunlight and moisture requirements, as different plants have varying needs. The heavy clay soil in Saskatoon can pose challenges. Still, we enrich the soil by adding organic matter like compost or manure, improving drainage and providing essential nutrients. At PLC Plus, we carefully select soil amendments and fertilizers tailored to your plant’s needs, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for growth. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate fertilizer type and adhere to the package’s instructions, and our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Plants for Saskatoon

Selecting the ideal plants for your Saskatoon garden is vital due to the unique climate and heavy clay soil. At PLC Plus, we specialize in choosing plants that thrive locally. Our expert team is skilled in planting native plants like Saskatoon berry, wild rose, prairie crocus, and goldenrod, which are well-adapted to local conditions. We can help you create a flourishing, low-maintenance garden with these selections. Our staff is also experienced with popular plants like lilacs, dogwood, Russian sage, peonies, and various types of grass that can prosper in Saskatoon. We consider sun exposure and moisture levels to select the best-suited plants for your space. It is recommended to plant hardy trees, such as green ash, bur oak, and white spruce, which can withstand harsh winters and clay soils. By partnering with PLC Plus, you can be confident that your garden will thrive in Saskatoon’s climate and soil.

Planting Techniques

To give plants the best possible start, it’s crucial to follow proper planting techniques. This involves handling plants gently to avoid damaging the roots or stem and adjusting soil moisture levels to ensure it’s moist but not waterlogged. Our expert team handles plants gently, and ensures the soil has the right moisture balance to promote healthy growth. We carefully position each plant in the hole, aligning the top of the root ball with the soil surface while keeping the plant straight and centered. After placing the plant, our team backfills the hole with soil and gently tamps it down to eliminate air pockets around the roots. Additionally, we apply a layer of mulch around the plant’s base to retain moisture and suppress weed growth. By employing these planting techniques, our skilled team creates the optimal conditions for healthy plant growth, setting your garden up for success.

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